Delegation Address:tz1PriNQyDC7d5ccPAD96ugujYy5YbdGLdQ5
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How to delegate?

1. Log into your Tezos Wallet at
2. Press “Add Account” to create a new KT1 Account
3. Send your Tezzies to the new KT1 Account

4. Under “Delegate”, select “Custom”
5. Enter tz1PriNQyDC7d5ccPAD96ugujYy5YbdGLdQ5
6. Press “Update Delegate”
7. All Done! You’re now delegating to the Tezosbaker.

Why Us?

Our Bakery is hosted on a data center with UPS.
Our current service fee is 5%.

Let your XTZs work for you

Risk-free investment, we pay 100% of the required bond for baking and you remain in total control of your tezzies.

About US

All our servers and nodes are hosted in Japan.
We have more than 10 years of experience in the computer industry.